Whether you're an established crypto business or just exploring new opportunities, you can integrate our payment SDK, make payments
to your customers, partners and employees whenever and wherever you want.
Build your Web3 business with Fanspay
Why Fanspay?
Accept payments worldwide, no limits, no borders
Fanspay uses smart contracts to handle payments
We never handles your funds. Receive payments to your wallet directly from customers.
Start using Fanspay without KYB.
Fast integration
Use case
Customers pay in a multiple stablecoins, we convert the amount to the one that is most convenient for you.
Crypto hedging
Your customers do not have to pay gas fees to approve, pay or subscribe.
Gasless payments
Increase conversion by reducing friction at checkout with optimized payment flows.
Convert more customers with Fanspay checkout
Fanspay Billing is the fastest way for your business to bill customers with subscriptions.
Increase your customers LTV with Subscriptions
Focus on your product and the value you provide to your customers, and we'll take care of payment issues.
Fanspay vs In-house solution
Analytics, integration
1 hour to integrate
Just a couple of SDK methods
Fanspay solution
High risk of breaking payments
Distracting your team from developing your product
Dozens of hundreds of side cases handling
Constant tech support
Need for developing the smart contract, the server and the client side
In-house solution
Use case
Payment SDK
Use case
Automate your payouts in global markets and geos with Fanspay — while fully owning the user experience.
Pay out to your affiliate international partners network.
Partner settlements
Initiate mass payouts to costumers, suppliers or service providers on digital platforms and marketplaces.
Mass payouts
Pay salaries and bonuses to your employees. You can pay your team weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Developer-friendly tools for easy integration via hosted payments, eCommerce platforms and more.
Easy integration
Build once and get all features and payments methods using our flexible, fast and reliable API.
Unified API
Programmatically trigger actions based on lifecycle events like upgrades, payments, and cancellations.
Accept payments globally with APIs designed to help you capture more revenue.
Connect powerful Fanspay APIs
We support all popular blockchains and wallets
Get started with Fanspay today
Try Fanspay or request a demo and
we will answer any questions you have.

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