Easy, fast, private, secure, trusted crypto payment provider.
The best crypto solution for online Betting&Gambling
Smooth payments
Increase conversion by reducing friction at checkout with optimized payment flows.
Convert more customers with Fanspay checkout
Fanspay never handles your funds. No intermediaries means no delays, freezes or cancellations.
Be sure you receive all the payments. Once the payment is made, it goes straight to your wallet
Checkout allows you to accept payments both from customers who use custodial wallets (e.g. Binance wallet) and non-custodial ones (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.).
Secure & Private
Ensure the privacy of your business and customers
Accept payments worldwide without limits and borders
Customers can make payments without having to worry about gas fees.
Simplify customer transactions with gasless payments
Accept payments in a multiple cryptocurrencies, and we'll convert the amount into the stablecoin you're most comfortable with.
Reduce the risk of cryptocurrency volatility with crypto hedging
Initiate mass payouts to customers and save time & gas fees
Developer-friendly tools for easy integration via hosted payments, eCommerce platforms and more.
Easy integration
Build once and get all features and payments methods using our flexible, fast and reliable API.
Unified API
Programmatically trigger actions based on lifecycle events like upgrades, payments, and cancellations.
Accept payments globally with APIs designed to help you capture more revenue.
Connect powerful Fanspay APIs
We support all popular blockchains and wallets
Get started with Fanspay today
Try Fanspay or request a demo and
we will answer any questions you have.

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