at scale
Accept crypto payments
Why Fanspay?
You get the exact amount of USD to your account, which you indicate in the invoice
You don't need a deep knowledge of how blockchain works or involve developers to start using Fanspay
No volatility
Just 1 minute from payment to get funds to your bank account
How it works?
Your manager generates QR code and send it to the client
01. invoice
Client pays in crypto with QR code
02. payment
You get cash on your bank account or stablecoins
03. income
Provide your clients with the best crypto experience they will enjoy
Best solution for
Luxury entertainment
Jet rentals and air ticket sale
Yacht rental
Luxury goods
Sale and rental cars
Real estate
Accept crypto payments
Send crypto invoices as quickly
and easily as sending an email
By messenger
Accept crypto on your smartphone
or tablet
In person
Accept crypto payments, deposits, and donations online from your clients
On your website
all popular
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